Principal Investigator / Director of the Lab

Dr. Ravi L. Hadimani

Post-Doctoral Researchers

Currently, no positions available.

Graduate Students

Mohannad Tashli

Ivan Carmona

Logan Schorr

Undergraduate Researcher Assistants

Joseph Lee

John Peter Nunez

Rachel Heo

Mishal Hussain

Wesley Lohr

Connor Lewis


If you are interested to intern at Biomagnetics laboratory and gain useful experience in brain and magnetics related research, please email me your resume. You may be offered a paid undergraduate RA position after 6-12 months of internship at the Biomagnetics Lab.

High School Students

Yash Saxena

Maggie Walker Governor's School

Aryan Mhaskar

Center for Medical Sciences at Godwin High School

Visiting Research Scholars/Professors

Professor Hao Fu

Professor at University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC) Chengdu, China

Assistant Professor Hamzah Magsood

Assistant Professor at University of Business and Technology, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Previous Members

Dr. Noel D’Souza (Intel, Portland, OR)

Stacie McCloud (Norfolk University)

Ciro Harold Serrate (Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division)

Gabrielle Jones (Canon Medical Devices)

Youssif Alkheder (HVAC Engineer in Kuwait)

John Kutz (Powertrain Control Solutions, VA, USA)

Dr. Ahmed El-Gendy (Assistant Professor at University of Texas, ElPaso)

Geordan Colden (Mayor’s Youth Academy, MYA Student)

Stephon Brown (Mayor’s Youth Academy, MYA Student)

Paxton O’Bryen (Dean’s Early Research Initiative, DERI Student, VCU, Grenova)

Dr.Farheen Syeda (Medtronic)

Shane Harstad

Dr. Brent Williams (Intel, Phoenix, AZ)

Sierra Semel (Aviation & Missile Center of U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command)

Brendan Charles Quiroz (Altria, VA, USA)

Jennifer Mak (GRFP at University of Pittsburgh)

Shivakumar Hungund (Intel, WA, USA)

Emily Cheng (MD at Cornell Medical School)

Khushar Javed (Pacific Gas and Electric)

Dr. Hamzah Magsood (Assistant Professor at University of Business and Technology Saudi Arabia)

Parisa Ashar (Duke University)

Chirayu Nimonkar (Princeton University)

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