Material Preparation and Characterization

  • Hitachi SU-70 cold field emission SEM with EDS and electron beam lithography system
  • JEOL JSM 5610-LV SEM with Oxford EDS
  • Veeco IKONtm AFM system (used for both AFM and MFM studies)
  • ESCAlab 250 X-ray photoelectron spectrometer
  • Anton Parr SAXSESS small angle x-ray scattering system
  • PANalytical XRD system
  • Zeiss Libra 120 TEM
  • Quantum Design Versalab VSM
  • Various DC and RF sputtering systems
  • Temperature variable Atomic and Magnetic Force Microscope
  • Atomic Layer Deposition
  • MRC 603 Sputtering System
  • Dual E-beam/Thermal Evaporator
  • Environment-controlled glove boxes
  • Spin coaters and other sample preparation facilities
  • Dynacool, 9 tesla magnetometer with heat capacity, transport, pressure and magnetooptical options with a temp range from 1.9K to 1000K

Neural Engineering Facilities at Dr. Hadimani's Lab

  • FDA approved Magstim BiStim Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Devices (TMS)
  • Magstim super rapid Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Devices (TMS)
  • High performance computing for MRI image analysis and TMS modelling
  • Environment controlled glove boxes
  • Custom built magnetocaloric refrigeration system
  • spin coating device
  • 3D printer: Ultimaker 3.0
  • 3D cartesian servo stage for magnetic field profiling
  • Various power supplies, oscilloscopes, Sim4Life, COMSOL and ANSYS FEM software.

Neural Engineering Facilities at VCU

  • FDA approved Neurostar stimulator
  • FDA approved Brainsway Stimulator
  • Neuronavigation Systems
  • Nextim stimulator
  • TMS compatible electroencephalogram (EEG)
  • 3T large bore MRI and 7T MRI systems
  • Optogenetic facilities
  • Microelectrode recording of neuron firing in small animals