Current Projects

Dr. Ravi L. Hadimani is a co-PI on a Vetran Affairs Merit Grant

"Advancement and Application of a Novel Basal Ganglia Thalamocortical Circuitry Model in Dystonia Rats"
This grant is related to investigation of dystonia mechanism in basal ganglia-thalamic-M1 subcircuit that is distinct from a parkinsonian circuit. Determine the role of GPe, GPi and STN neuron firing patterns and how they influence the motor pathway model.

Dr. Ravi L. Hadimani: is a PI of NSF MRI Grant

“Acquisition of a Physical Properties Measurement System with 9 Tesla Magnetometer (Dynacool) for Research and Teaching at VCU.”
This MRI award will help us to acquire a Physical Properties Measurement System (PPMS) with autorotation, supplementary electrical measurements and low and high temperature capabilities coupled with a Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (VSM) VCU. Additionally, the cryogen-free PPMS/VSM would enable making robust low temperature measurements without requiring liquid helium to extremely sensitive magnetic measurements. The equipment will help enhance research at VCU and nearby Universities.

Dr. Ravi L. Hadimani: is a co-PI of NSF Grant, “On-chip studies of neuron cells under magnetic field stimulation”

Intellectual Merits: This project has started less than six months ago. The PI, Hadimani has recruited a graduate student on the project and has started working on tuning the particle size of the Gd5Si4 nanoparticles for use in neuronal growth acceleration. Particle size selection using supercritical condition of liquid has been achieved. This process enables tuning the Curie temperature of the room temperature magnetic nanoparticles of Gd5Si4 to be close to human body temperature. However, the particles sizes needed to accelerate the growth of neurons are below 50nm which is not currently not possible to obtain with large quantity using the current techniques.

Dr. Ravi L. Hadimani is a co-PI of NSF Grant, “IRES: US/UK Multidisciplinary Collaboration in Magnetics”

Intellectual Merits: This proposal was funded to give international research experience for students. Students have worked on several magnetics projects including on Magnetic nanoparticles, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and Magnetic Hysteresis modelling. From the batch of 2015 students, there were 6 journal and conference papers published. From the batch of 2016 students, 1 conference paper has been published and 1 has been accepted.

Completed Projects

Dr. Ravi L. Hadimani: is a co-PI of NSF Grant

“Phantom Head for Standardization and Testing of Transcranial Magnetic and Direct Current Stimulation Therapies”

Ravi L. Hadimani: is the PI of a grant from Industry

“Optimization of thermal spray coating using sensors: magnetic”, Center for Commonwealth Advanced Manufacturing (CCAM)

Ravi L. Hadimani: is the PI of Higher Education Equipment Trust Fund (HEETF)

“Bio-Mechatronic Devices for Teaching Mechatronics, Skintronics, and Robotics Labs”, State of Virginia

Ravi L. Hadimani: is a co-PI of Higher Education Equipment Trust Fund (HEETF)

“Acquisition of heat capacity and electrical transport options for Versalab magnetometer”, State of Virginia

R. L. Hadimani (PI) of IEEE Magnetics Summer School funded by IEEE Magnetics Society, NSF and College of Engineering

"Hosting 2019 IEEE Magnetics Society Summer School at VCU"